We did A LOT of work on Kassie’s house, and it payed off when her home sold for $152,000 over list price.

I had helped Kassie buy her house in Columbia City back in 2009, and it was quite a fixer. It was a cool house though, as it had been built by a ship builder and was super solid and unique.

Over the years Kassie had contacted me about suggestions to improve the property, apart from cosmetic work with the eye to eventually selling the house, when her girls were ready to leave home. Her biggest and smartest investment was to make the basement into a one-bedroom, daylight apartment.

When it came to sell, I advised her on how to get the most money without going over board and hired my team of contractors to work on the house, once they moved out. There were some funky things that had been done to the house, for example, Kassie had hired a handyman to replace the upstairs shower and he had done a terrible job, using floor tile on the walls!

That was the first project to tackle, I chose a matte white subway tile that was on sale at a discount store for the walls. The grungy shower pan was given a good clean, so it did not need to be replaced and a new shower head was added. Not a lot of money was spent and the shower looked cool.

The exterior and interior sorely needed painting and so I chose an exterior color that complimented the rust colored roof tile, and added an orange door to make the house look warm and inviting. The interior was painted in a soft white, one daughter’s bedroom was Pepto-Bismol pink! The yard was cleaned up and mulched, windows washed, house cleaned and staged. In all about $15,000 was spent but it was well worth it, as the house sold for $152,000 over the list price, it would never have sold for anywhere near that much if the work had not been done.

“Sit back and let Serena run the show, especially in South Seattle! My house sold much sooner than I expected at a much higher price than I expected. Serena was efficient, competent, and met all deadlines magnificently!”

SELLER SUCCESS STORY: Kassie’s Columbia City Crib Sells for $152K Over List Price
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