Here’s what you’ll gain with me by your side:

1. Access to the mini-bar in my briefcase.

2. An emotion diffuser – let me get the ulcer, not you!

3. A trusted advocate for your interests. I know the pitfalls and will use all of my resources and experience to help you avoid them.

4. An experienced agent with candid advice on how to accurately price your house and educate clueless buyers using statistical analysis.

5. Exposure to the highest possible number of buyers. More buyers = more competition = the highest possible selling price.

6. Security – While your home is on the market, it’ll be protected by a secure lock and coding system only accessible by licensed real estate agents. The system records every visit to your home, so in the unlikely event anything goes awry, your special agent can quickly finger the suspects.

7. The marketing prowess of Windermere – the Rolls Royce of Realtors – offering the most extensive advertising and most widely used website of any local brokerage.

8. Legal protection – 80% of real estate lawsuits involve sales by owners. And it’s no wonder, thanks to the many arcane technicalities involved real estate transactions. I’ve been thoroughly trained in the legalities and can help protect you. Plus, when you sell your house through an agent (preferably me!) the liability will be spread out between yourself, your agent, and the brokerage.

Top 8 Reasons to Let Serena Sell Your Home