1. Avoid movies about home buying or home ownership with sleazy realtors and con artists, such as The Money Pit or Glen Gary Glen Ross.

2. Just keep renting — don’t even buy a house. A nationwide survey shows that renters tend to have more time and energy for sex, TV, weekend getaways and dining out.

3. Buy a punching bag and use it vigorously with interchangeable photos of:

  • The seller who didn’t accept your offer
  • The lender who wouldn’t lend you more money
  • The realtor who kept showing you houses you couldn’t afford

4. Bring along a provision of junk food when viewing homes with your realtor to help calm your anxiety about inspections, hidden closing costs, interest rates, etc.

5. Join a gym to shed the weight you’ve gained from stuffing your face with the aforementioned snacks.

6. Find a realtor with psychic powers. Home buying seems to be an area where you may not know what you truly want (like the couple who insisted they wanted a 2,500 square-foot craftsman and ended up happily purchasing an 820-square foot 1940s bungalow).

7. Get a special agent like me on your case, today!

Top 7 Anti-Anxiety Tips for Home Seekers